NIPCO™ L Calender

The star among calenders

With the development of the NIPCO™ L configuration Guarneri Technology™ has the exclusive right to continue with the concept first introduced in the 80s. A textile finishing calender with two nips with independant pressure settings, a revolution in calender technology. The system allows you to select effects, high glazing, softness, density control and other sales requirements in one calender combined.

Whether producing shirtings, ladies fashion, underwear, bed sheets, table linen, home textiles or protective clothing, the system allows you to compete in the market.

The hydrostatic support elements of our NIPCO™ L system are independently arranged in a 90° configuration, one active against a steel bowl, one active against a cotton bowl.

The stabilising force angle of 270° will at all times guarantee a free and uniform turn of the sleeve using either a Thermoplast a Duroplast as TopTech 3™.

With those independent pressure lines in action you may "play" with your pressure settings. High glazing: increased pressure in the nip Steel/NIPCO™, same time sligthly reduced glazing and softer handle, decreased pressure setting in the nip NIPCO™/Cotton.

Elegant glazing and remarkable softness in handle: decreased pressure in the nip Steel/NIPCO™, same time increased pressure in the nip NIPCO™/Cotton.

Only the original NIPCO™ L calender today offered from "Guarneri Technology™" controls two pressure lines completely independent based on patented development of the 80s; a development of former Escher Wyss and licensed to "Guarneri Technology™" exclusively.

Guarneri Technology
Guarneri Technology

Your advantage:

  • Two completely independent pressure lines are active in one calender same time
  • Uniform pressure lines in two nips with pressure lines according to market requirements'
  • Two selectable pressure lines in the range of 25-400N/mm
  • Width adjusting according to different fabric widths in order to protect out burning and marking of the sleeve
  • No friction in the nip caused by slide on sleeves to the process bowl
  • None computer supported force comparison between outer forces and inner deflection compensating forces
  • Easy sleeve change by our cantilever system
Guarneri Technology
Guarneri Technology
Guarneri Technology