Double NIPCO™ I

Double independent pressure lines

The DOUBLE NIPCO™ I I Calender is one further development for Textile Finishing. Full flexibility in calender finishing for high lustre effects, using either one or both nips. The pressure setting in each nip is independent, and can be set between 50 and 400 N/mm. Motorized width adjusting, automatically combined with pre-selection of retracting forces. The pressure across the width can be automatically set to fabric width, thus allowing the pressure to be released in the non-fabric area and protecting the sleeve from burning. Customers can select either GTP6 Thermoplastic sleeves or TopTech3® Duroplast sleeves.

Also the DOUBLE NIPCO™ I in conjunction with our NIPCO™ HT version is available for zone controlled pressure settings. With the technical innovation of Guarneri Technology our customers can stay as a market leader in textile finishing. The NIPCO™ Technology does not have any limitation in terms of process and finishing effects.

Our latest development: Your Benefit To Become Market Leader In Precision!!

Guarneri Technology

Displayed on 15” touch screen, all individual settings have to be retrievable in a qualified recipe management. Therefore all our calenders are equipped with Siemens S7 computer systems for recipe control, maintenance announcements, ser vice requirements etc.

Your advantage:

  • Individuai zone controlled pressure setting
  • Pre selecting of required pressured line profile
  • Reacting on edge elongation by zone controlled pressure reducing