NIPCO™ Embossing Calender

Additional effects for more flexibility

Your advantage:

  • Uniform line pressure distribution in the nip over the fabric width.
  • Adjustable pressing width to suit change of fabric width under pressure without stopping production.
  • Infinitely selectable line pressure in the nip.
  • Thermal relief of the sleeve next to the fabric by retraction pistons to ensure a long roll sleeve life.
  • Cylindrical rolls.
  • Same sleeve for various fabric widths; no change of sleeve necessary.
  • Relief from thick fabric selvedges (Sulzer selvedges) and gentle treatment of the selvedges of knitted fabrics by line force adjustment in the edge zone.
  • Easy installation and removal of the sleeve and engraving tube through shaft extension and clamp holder.
  • Reduction of engraving costs through small tube diameter.

In order to achieve optimal effects with different embossing designs, differentcalender pressures are essential. This is where the NIPCO™ embossing calender with its application advantage of providing nip compensation when using different calender pressures comes into use. The advantage lies in the absolute assurance of nip compensation when employing various calender pressures. The NIPCO™ embossing calender can be used as a 3 roll or 2 roll calender. NIPCO™ 3 roll embossing calender The 3 roll calender is available in the following roll arrangements, from top to bottom: • elastic supporting roll • embossing tube/mandrel • NIPCO™ roll The narrow, thin-walled engraving shell runs on a heated mandrel supported by the elastic and NIPCO™ rollers. This calender is optimal when the production sequence requires frequent changing of the embossing sleeve, even severaI times daily. Further advantages of the 3 roll version are the low price of the embossing sleeve due to the small diameter and the engraving cost for the same. The aforementioned roll arrangement enables problem-free application of all flat embossing designs. The embossing sleeve change - an important production factor - can take place in the shortest time. This is made possible by a special bearing construction, as well as the mandrel extension with clamp holder. The sleeve is dismantled of the heated mandrel from one side. This construction obviates the necessity of changing the heating system (electric or oil heating) in the mandrel. Deep embossings can also be achieved with the 3 roll combination, whereby the use of a special embossing belt made of an elastic material for protection of the NIPCO™ roll is necessary. This embossing belt can be fitted or removed in the shortest time owing to the optimal machine construction. The material of the embossing belt ensures high reproducibility of the required embossings and effects and has a long life expectancy. High glaze, lustre and compression processes can also be achieved with the same machine type when using a smooth steel tube. NIPCO™ 2 roll embossing calender The 2 roll version of the embossing calender has the following roll arrangement, from top to bottom: • NIPCO™ roll • engraved steel roll With this calender type, all flat embossing effects can easily be achieved. Deep embossings can also be achieved by using an embossing belt for protection of the NIPCO™ roll. This 2 roll version has a higher pressure in the basic machine, so that improved high glaze, lustre and compression effects can be achieved when using a smoothing roll. The roll change (embossing roll/smoothing roll) is more time-consuming than with the 3 roll version. For embossing special articles - plush or other pile fabric - these NIPCO™ embossing calenders are provided with the necessary additional equipment, such as brushes, pile layering apparatus and needle tension rolls.